Investment consulting and financial education

Investment consulting and financial education

<p>Investing should be more<br />

Investing should be more

<p>…watching paint dry<br />
or watching grass grow…</p>

…watching paint dry
or watching grass grow…

<p>…If you want excitement, take $800<br />
and go to Las Vegas.</p>

…If you want excitement, take $800
and go to Las Vegas.

Paul Samuelson
Nobel prize laureate

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Ing. Blažena Strečanská

Gobas helps both individuals and organizations invest their free financial  resources. 

We provide individual solutions on the market
which are distinct, unique,  transparent, and simple.
Solutions which bring investors returns without the
need for active management on their part.

about me …

The fact that you are reading the „about me“ probably means that you are at least a little interested in my business.
My journey into finance began in college. During my studies, I also worked part-time in a bank, focused on corporate finance. After graduating from the School of Economics, I accepted an offer for a 10-month internship in Canada at the Canadian Western Bank. It was an experience that helped me to learn how to take care of, and provide services for, clients. Let’s be honest – how many times has it happened to you that a professional, from any field, has told you that they would contact you, but never did? And it doesn’t matter if it was a bank, an insurance company, a store, or an office… For my clients, the answer is „never“, because I won’t let it happen.
Despite the careless attitude I found there, I was still attracted to the world of „big finance“, which at the time was more or less the domain of men.
That’s why after returning from Canada I began to work for the Treasury department in Tatrabanka, and was soon promoted to manager. This led as the culmination of to running the Private Banking department in VÚB.
The time has come and a decision has been made. You may have seen videos on why not invest in a bank. I fully agree with them. The market offers guaranteed products that will lead to your greater satisfaction, higher revenues, and lower fees.
I, like most, haven’t always had positive results, so I can put myself in the skin of anyone who has lost money due to inappropriate investments. But thanks to that, I learned to look at investing a little differently.

I will be very happy if you write to me via this page, via linkedin, or facebook and you form an opinion of me, my strategy for the value for money, and you will appreciate the comfort you will get.


<«Successful investing is about risk management, not risk avoidance.»
So «minimize your risk» and contact us at

(or let us just offer our best advice)

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